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Baby Appleseed


Baby Appleseed 2024

 This MSAHF contest gives younger children in our community the opportunity to compete for the titles of Baby Appleseed and is also fund-raising event for the festival.  Voting will be open to the general public beginning September 1st by submitting monetary donations via our website -  

One dollar equals one vote! 


Two Age Groups:

Tiny Miss and Tiny Mister Appleseed 

The Tiny Miss & Tiny Mister group is open to boys and girls ages one week to thirty-six months as of October 17, 2024.  

Little Miss and Little Mister Appleseed
The Little Miss & Little Mister group is open to boys and girls ages 3 years and 1 day to 5 years old as of October 17, 2024. 

The winning contestants will receive a Crown or Tiara, Trophy, Sash, $100 cash prize, and the honor of riding in next year’s MSAHF Grand Feature Parade.


Applications are available here.

Deadline for entry is August 20, 2024.

Winners Announcement will be Sunday October 20, 2024 during a special ceremony at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds.

The links to vote for your favorites will be provided September 1st


2024 Little Miss Contestants

2024 Little Mister Contestants

2024 Tiny Miss Contestants

2024 Tiny Mister Contestants

For additional information, contact Michael Hornby by email at

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